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About Specialty Conduit

SPECIALTY CONDUIT & MANUFACTURING LLC, is located in Mt. Braddock , PA , approximately 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh . "Specialty" operates in a 70,000 square foot, single story facility.  A recent expansion adds 41,000 sq. ft. at a second facility in Boynton , PA.


  • We began and continue today as a niche player in manufacturing 10 ft A-53 Hardware pipe for the plumbing industry and the left-right threaded products (SYNDEX SYSTEMS) for the electrical industry. We have expanded our capabilities and product offering to include welded pipe nipples, hydronic manifolds, custom expansion-joints for fiber optic installations and running thread.

    Specialty maintains extensive threading capacity and is capable of threading both steel and aluminum pipe in trade sizes 1/8”-6” diameter in any lengths up to 10 ft.

    We also maintain extensive pipe bending capabilities.  Specialty manufactures UL Listed “Special Radius” elbows for the electrical industry in trade sizes ½” – 6” diameter up to 60 in. radius.

    Contact us for any of your pipe needs.

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